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Having places to go ?

Save all locations from Google Maps or Apple Maps into Bundole, put them into a "board", where you may arrange their positions in any order you want.
Tapping on them will take you to the app where they are saved! Now your itininerary becomes so easy to follow!

Personalize your boards

The board provides more features than a plain tag. You may assign a color and a brief title to it, plus the articles on a board can be ordered.

What about board-in-board ? 

Yes, you can put one board in another board, that allowes you to organize articles in a hiarachical strucutre, just like how you would use folders to organize files on a computer!

Sync Between Devices

Your articles are stored in the cloud, accessible from iOS devices and browser on your computers.
Updates made on one device are synced up to all!


Why Bundole ?

There are contents on the Interent in various forms (writing, image, audio, video) that we would like to keep for future reference. It's hard to locate them even after few days because we may not remember where we viewed them (web/app) or where they were shared to us (email, text messgae or social media). They are scattered over the Internet. We end up googling with some vaguely remembered keyword to locate a content we viewed before.

What is Bundole ? 

Bundole is a cloud solution to manage all your favorites (or bookmarks), it allows you to quickly find what you saved, and presents many of them in their native apps for best viewing experience when you are using the Bundole iOS app.

How can I get started?

If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini), install Bundole app on the device, start saving any content using the "Share" function that almost all apps support. You can also use Bundole on a computer's browser. For Chrome browser users, you may install the Bundole Chrome Extension, which allows you to save article with a simple click.



On iOS device

Saving articles to your Bundole account on iOS devices is like sharing to yourself. Simply tapping on the Bundole share icon on any apps when you spot an article that you would like to save.

On computer

When you use Bundole on a computer's browser, Bundole's Chrome browser extension helps you saving an article by a simple click. You may even assign boards, tags and annotation on the spot!



Auto category by source

Each saved article automatically gets a category and associated with its source web site. Side Menu allows you to filter articles by category. Your article's category and source site are also filter options in the search page.

Add Tags

Tagging articles is a common way to group articles having the same attributes, and that helps you to find them easily.

Add to Boards

Board groups related articles cohesively, under a theme, a story or a project that you have in mind. You may place the contained articles in a preferred order.


For articles that you don't want to see on the article page, you may archive to hide them. They will continue staying in your account and show up in filtered results. The app also provides a filter to show all your archived articles.



Native App Support

For articles having native-app support on iOS devices are best viewed on their apps, instead of a generic browser. Bundole supports viewing articles on 20+ popular apps - YouTube, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Apple Music, Spotify ... etc. (note: the image is for illustrating apps having native apps support in Bundole."

Map View

When a filtered result contains your saved locations from Google Maps or Apple Maps, you may also see them as markers on a map view inside Bundole. You can select any two markers and find the routing in between, and start navigating in the Google Maps (if installed) or Apple Maps.

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